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completely natural way to relieve Glue ear!

Why choose EarPopper?

Safe and Gentle

EarPopper delivers a safe, gentle stream of air that helps open the Eustachian tube in order to drain fluid build-up in the middle ear.

Proven To Help

The EarPopper is a clinical device, proven to help restore hearing to normal limits from persistent glue ear (Otitis Media with Effusion).

Avoid Costly Surgery

The EarPopper can help users potentially avoid ear tube surgery (grommets).

"For the past four years I have suffered with glue ear... I then discovered the EarPopper Device and it is just an absolute little piece of MAGIC. After one use my ear cleared instantly. It's well worth every penny. Thank you for inventing such a wonderful device such as this."

Buxton, Derbyshire

of children had their hearing restored to normal limits



Considered A "Cure" For Glue Ear

“The handheld EarPopper performed spectacularly well in tests, rapidly restoring normal hearing in nine out of ten people whose hearing had been affected by a build-up of fluid.”

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How the EarPopper helps solve glue ear (Otitus Media Effusion) and other ear related problems.

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