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Did you know: 
The EarPopper demonstrated the safety and efficacy of relieving ear pressure problems in both Children and Adults. 
Found on ENT Journal and the Journal of Audiology

Get quick, easy, and convenient relief from ear pressure when flying.

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About how the EarPopper can help solve airplane ear pain, pressure, and other ear related problems.

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Why choose EarPopper?

Safe & Gentle

EarPopper delivers a safe, gentle stream of air that helps to open eustachian tube providing relief from negative ear pressure.

Works Fast

EarPopper works fast by providing close to instant relief when you need it now. Often relief is felt after just ONE use.

Packs Easily

The EarPopper is perfect for your next flight! Weighing less than 5 ozs and about the size of a small smartphone, you’ll forget it’s even in your carry-on bag!


Oct. 29, 2014

“I have had ear problems for 2 decades. No more thanks to this little device. I have had tubes put in a dozen times over the years, and still ruptured my ear drum 3 times. Flying was a real issue for me. I decided to try this a few weeks before a scheduled surgery to have a larger ear tube put in. I used it for a few days, then tested it by driving my husband's sports car, fast, up to the local ski area. No pain. The next test was to fly, so we went to Yosemite for a weekend. Crazy, but I had to know. And the surgery would have cost way more than a fun trip. No issues on the plane at all. Amazing. I went in for a pre-surgery check with my ENT and he told me to cancel the surgery. My eardrum (which is usually collapsed and practically adhered to the bone) looked terrific. It's a very simple tool, easy and painless to use, and it works like it is supposed to. Life-changing for me.”


Feb. 16, 2015

“ONE USE of this Ear Popper, and BAM!!! I could hear. It immediately, upon first use, opened up the pressure and fluid behind my eardrum. I was so excited! I called the Dr. Office who had me on antibiotics, who had said I'd just have to "wait for fluid to clear, may take weeks!" I told them of the device and that they needed to incorporate it into the therapy for anyone coming in with my similar problems. This thing is great and I will not be traveling without it again.”

*The EarPopper is a prescription only device.
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