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“I am so grateful to have found your product. Whenever I flew I was in excruciating pain for the last 45 minutes of every flight in complete tears. I am almost 60 years old and I love to travel and didn't want to give it up. I tried everything and nothing worked except the EarPopper! You have no idea how this has changed both my life and travel experience. I tend to pop my ears the day before and the morning of travel. Once in the air if I start to feel any pressure I use it as well. No more crying and horrible ear pain. I am going to buy a backup device because if this ever stops being manufactured I will be at a total loss. Thank you for creating this amazing device. Please go and sell to ear doctors because they were no help to me and they need to know about this device.”

-Wendy F.


"We are amazed, at how fast, the EarPopper, has started working on my husbands ears, at times he has been 80% deaf. The doctors and a private ENT specialist at Oxford said nothing can be done to clear his Eustachian tubes, at his age 70. (They said) Best thing to do is get hearing aids. That was well over a year ago now, tried different nose sprays and ear drops. The hearing aids, never helped him very much either. Looking again for help on the internet, I saw the EarPopper, expensive we thought, but worth a lot more if it worked,  and from the first time he used it, he could hear better, and his hearing is improving all the time. So what else can we say,  Highly Recomended. 5*"
- Purchaser : Amazon | UK

"Hello, to whom it may concern, I have had Eustachian tube blockage for over a month, at my wits end, sooooo frustrating, countless doctors later I was so drugged up I couldn't barely function no results so I started doing my own research and read about Earpopper and several testimonials, at this point I contacted my primary care doctor... l ordered it through Amazon overnight freight, when I got home today it was at my door, took it out of box and used it as directed after the second try my ear popped to my elation IT WORKED!  I'm still crying like a baby as I write this because I'm so happy! As others have said its worth it's weight in GOLD, I'd like to kiss on the lips whoever invented this! ... THANK you for giving me my life back!
- Mark P. | Springfield, MA | US

"I am writing to thank you for the Ear Popper. For 10 years I had blocked ears.  The block was caused by and exacerbated by airline travel.  Aside from the annoying feeling of blocked ears, this left me with puffy eyes – day in, day out.  I spent hundreds of dollars on creams promising to reduce the puffiness but with blocked ears, there was nowhere for the puffiness to go.   I saw some improvement with pseudoephedrine but this was very temporary and never completely unblocked my ears.  The Ear Popper solved my problem and I am eternally grateful!  I wake up in the morning and my eyes aren’t puffy anymore.  If this (message) reaches a woman, I suspect she will completely understand how overjoyed I am!!  Ear Popper = Happiness."
- Heidi S. | Waterloo, Ontario | Canada

"I received my EarPopper 10 minutes ago and I rushed to get it opened to use it!!  Oh my, I can't believe it.  A product that actually works exactly like it says it will. I have had tubes 2 times in the last 5 years.  The Ear Popper will stay in my purse, it is a God-send.  Thank you!!!" 
- Barb W. | Norwalk, OH

"I bought an EarPopper and I can't say enough about it. For 5 months I had significant hearing loss in one ear and after 2 uses I can hear again. with in 2-3 weeks the fluid had drained from my ear and I no longer am using the device. It is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- Linda H. | Ottowa, CA

"After three years of countless ear infections, moderate hearing loss, three surgeries (including a risky Mastoidectomy) and two ear tubes that came out prematurely, my five year old was scheduled for his fourth ear surgery with a negative ear pressure of 195. I learned about the Earpopper a year ago... I obtained a prescription. I ordered the Earpopper and started using it on my boy. After twelve days of treatment we went to ENT check-up. The founding was: normal ear pressure, no fluid in the ear and hearing restored. No need for surgery!!!
- Carolina Z. | KeyWest, FL

"I was miserable with plugged up ears for over 3 months with the added joy of severe hearing loss.  I had seen a GP and she prescribed steroids, antibiotics and a nasal spray.  They were no relief at all.  I purchased the EarPopper and enjoyed immediate relief.  I can hear again!  It's a wonderful product.  Thank goodness for the EarPopper- it is fantastic. "
- Donna L. | Longview, TX

"This is no sales gimmick...i had fluid in the middle ear for almost 2 ears were blocked and I felt so agitated..taking antibiotics, steroid and nose spray...and it was a waste of time taking all these medicines..visited the ent specialist asking me to go for surgery..told him i wanted to wait and see..surfed the net and found this magical device was really expensive but its worth it...i tried it for 3 days and my hearing came back 100 percent..this is no joke..i wanted to share this so that whoever had this problem please try this product b4 surgery...i am so happy and this is the best pressie for christmas ie i have my hearing back..thank you so much whoever invented this device..cheers winnie." 
- Winnie | Melbourne Australia

"For years I have been struggling with fluid in my ears. This fluid made my balance be off, made me have fuzzy thinking, and led to many sinus infections. I'd tried everyting imaginable out there to make this stop. I thought if only I could get my ears to drain I would be so much better. Finally after searching the internet I came upon the EarPopper. It is the best thing I've ever bought in my life. My ears can finally drain! I love my EarPopper. I won't give it up for anything. I'm spreading the word.
Thank You EarPopper. I love feeling 'normal' again."
- Marilee R. | Eagle, WI

"I just wanted to let you know that after we received the EarPopper info we bought one. It immediately made a difference in my daughter's hearing and we are very happy with it." 
- Rebecca | Oakley, GA

"(I) just have to tell you how wonderful your product is. My 4 year old son has already had to have 2 sets of tubes due to chronic ear infections, his first set when he was only 18 months. On Christmas eve he woke up screaming from an ear infection. We took him to the Pediatrician and started the dreaded round of antibiotics, after 10 days no improvement then another course of stronger meds that messed up his stomach to no relief. Finally we visited his ENT again worried we'd be told to get a third set of tubes as well as removing his adenoids. My husband had just found the EarPopper online and we spoke to our ENT about it and said we were going to try that and give it 1 month. Exactly one week after receiving and using the EarPopper as directed we had our follow up appointment and we were told that FINALLY his ear infection had cleared up! He still has some negative pressure in that ear, but we're told he may always have readings like that due to the scar tissue and issues with his ears. Xavier, our son, actually asked me to show his Dr. the EarPopper and how it worked. He will even remind us that he needs to do it, which I think is a testament to the relief he must feel from using it. I really hope more Doctor's offices (especially Peds) will start using this and become more informed. Thank you for this product!"
-Trinity Still Martinez (via facebook) | Summerville, South Carolina

"Thanks!  We avoided a second set of tubes thanks to you!"
- Truett S. | Deming, NM

"I have been suffering from  ear problems for the past couple of years.  I have seen numerous doctors including my regular ENT. For the last several months the pressure in my left ear has been so bad that I could hardly stand it.  Basically it left me with no hearing in my left ear and on some days it would move to the right ear.  I have been on nasal sprays along with allergy medicine.  I recently got off of steroids which my doctor prescribed to help with my condition.  On my last office visit the doctor told me that there was nothing that she could do, it was my makeup and that I would have to  'just live with it'. 
I was in such pain, uncomfortable, on edge, I could not concentrate at work and I recently started having panic attacks as a result of my ear issues.  I searched the internet for help from others that had the same problem and then I came across the Earpopper.  I read all the testimonials on your website, watched youtube videos about it and ordered it last week.  I tried the Earpopper last night after I received it and it worked within seconds after doing it.  My left ear popped and I was able to hear and the pressure went away. It felt a little strange for a couple of minutes but within 15 minutes I felt completely normal.  Words cannot express the gratitude that I felt after using your product.  It was a life saver for me. I feel like I have my life back.  Thank you, thank you again for this amazing little product.  I wish my doctors would of told me about this product. Sincerely, "
- Patrick M. | Phoenix, AZ

"(EarPopper) helped us get through an ear infection without antibiotics."
- Anonymous | Westerville, OH

"Just over three weeks ago I purchased your EarPopper. I cannot speak too highly of this little machine. Following a nasty viral infection my one ear had become completely blocked with fluids. I was totally deaf in it and the internal pressure on the ear drum was so painful and uncomfortable. Following a telephone conversation with (my representative) I decided to give the EarPopper a try since nothing else, including a course of antibiotics, had worked. (He) warned me not to expect a 'miracle cure' and that the relief would be gradual. He was absolutely right: after just one day I could feel the fluid starting to drain. I now can hear again and with continued use I feel confident that all of the fluid will eventually drain. Just one more 'thank you': on the morning I phoned to place an order, following the May Day bank holiday...(the customer service representative) could tell I was desperate so, within half an hour, she phoned me back and said, "I will try to process your order." She did so successfully and the package arrived next day. So, will someone give her my thanks and tell her it worked! Thank you again for a wonderful machine."
- Jane A. | Shropshire UK

"I have suffered from chronic facial pain for 3 yrs post my 1st sinus surgery.  I had seen 7 ENT's and numerous other Dr.s including Neurologists, Pain Dr.s, Neuro-opthamologists, infectious disease Dr.s etc., from one end of the country to the other. I also was on antibiotics both oral and IV for the last 3 1/2 yrs and also had a 2nd sinus surgery. My 7th ENT got the infection cleared up but I still had severe pain behind my nose and even to the touch, also the feeling of being underwater all the time. I was on a Fentanyl patch, demerol and oxycodone for the pain.  I used the earpopper for 10 days and the pain behind my nose went away!!! I still have the slight feeling of being underwater, but hopefully that will be gone shortly.  Your device literally saved my life!!! After 3 yrs of such severe pain I wasn't sure how much longer I could last.  This device is amazing. I'm not even exactly sure what it did for me, but it's almost like it dislodged something that was stuck in my Eustachain tubes behind my nose because on the 10th day I just woke up with no pain.  Is that even possible?  Anyway, I am 10 days pain free now! Thank You, I now have my life back!! "
- Diane T. | Logan, UT

"OMG!!!!! I just need to let you know that I received the Ear Popper on the 19th and did one treatment right away. It felt a little weird and nothing much happened. I did another one last night and sort of felt something...but was still blocked and deaf, although it felt like there was a little fluid draining in the back of my throat. Another treatment this a.m., and I cannot believe it but at this minute, I feel about 90% back to normal. I can hardly wait to do my night treatment. I have suffered for years from OM....nothing helped but waiting for months and months of misery, or getting my eardrum pierced. I LOVE this little machine. Summit Medical ROCKS!!!!"
- Rita H. | Long Beach, CA

"I just had to send you an e-mail to tell you how delighted I am with my EarPopper device. I've been suffering for more than 20 years with blocked ears and tinnitus. The doctors her kept prescribing decongestants, antibiotics etc. Finally I was sent to see an ENT Consultant whom confirmed that I had Eustachian tube dysfunction and a congested middle ear with moderate hearing loss. The Consultant said that the problem would go away within 3 months and that I should use the Valsalva technique 3 times a day. All this was to no avail and so I sent off for your device but not really expecting any success.  How wrong could I be! I used it for the first time today and within seconds my hearing was restored to normal!  Just brilliant."
- Malcolm, | Worthing England


"For the past two months I had a constant ear clogging like feeling and could feel a substantial hearing loss. I was reluctant to buy EarPopper because of the price but after reading about it on the EarPopper web site and on the Internet I decided to take the chance and buy it as the alternatives as I understood them were not very appealing to say the least. Ten minutes after using the device for the first time I COULD HEAR PERFECTLY AGAIN!!! AMAZING!!! A must in every household!!" 
- Erez K. | Kiryat Ono 


"Incredible. I've had to put up with partially blocked Eustachian tubes for as long as I can recall. The only thing that seemed to get some relief was Sudafed and Ibuprofen. it was getting to a point where I was just having to take way too much medication to get relief. Some days, the pressure was almost unbearable, even with the medications! I've used the EarPopper for about 8 weeks now, and the difference is exceptional. I can feel the changes in my Eustachian tubes the longer I use the EarPopper, and the pressure problems have almost completely disappeared! Thanks so much for thinking of such a product!!"
- Randy B. | Altoona, WI

"Every time I flew the take off and landing were absolutely miserable. My ears couldn't pop and the pressure was so intense that while flying my ear drum burst. We planned a European vacation that included 9 flights in 3 weeks. So I went to the doctor and he prescribed the EarPopper as well as a decongestant. Using the EarPopper on the take off and landing made flying completely comfortable. My ears were able to clear and I didn't have any pain. The EarPopper has made flying an enjoyable experience."
- Holly M. | Morgan, UT

"After years of ear problems and agony flying, I have used EarPopper with great success, changing my whole flying experience.  I have also recommended EarPopper to two relatives with the same problem, who experienced the same success.”
- Cathy B. | Australia

"I saw your product a day before my third Myringotomy was scheduled, as I had a cold or nose allergy that didn’t seem to go away. I had water in my ear again right after the second tube came out. After less than one week of use, the water is gone and my allergy is gone too. No more blocked nose also. Thank you for this great product!"
- Cesar G. | Philippines

"Thank you for producing the EarPopper. This was a miracle device for me after the first two treatments. My ear was full of pressure and it felt clogged all day long. This had been going on for 3 months, ever since I had very bad sinusitis that lasted for more than 5 months."
- Dave F. | Ramsey, NJ

"I was so amazed at the instant results that I had to have one immediately. I am extremely grateful to you for this product that has increased my quality of life quite a bit. "
- Eric G. | Eden Prairie, MN

"To say I am impressed is putting it mildly - this small machine is worth its weight in gold. I am a professional who decided to take a 1 year sabbatical from my profession due to my hearing problems.  I am now planning to return to work in the near future."
- Dianne V. | Canada

"The greatest invention since sliced bread. I’ve needed this forever. Thank you."
- C. Stafford | Plainville, CT

"Used my EarPopper before scuba diving – no problems descending.  No pressure build-up in my head – a much smoother dive."
- Kerri B. | Scottsville, KY

"Son won’t have to have surgery because it (EarPopper) has worked."
- Laura P. | Grapevine, TX

"Has been a very effective treatment – extremely easy to use/has eliminated the need for further ear tubes." 
- Anonymous | Rathdrum, ID

"I can now relax and enjoy flights without worrying about extreme ear pain when descending for landing." 
- Barbara R. | Solana Beach, CA

"It was the first airplane flight I didn’t suffer on descent."
- Anonymous, | Huntington Station, NY

"My kids don’t need tubes – thank you!"
- Kim G. | Morris Plane, NJ

"This device has really helped my son on the airplane.  Thanks so much." 
- Celeste W. | San Jose, CA

"My son has had four sets of tubes.  This was our last hope before putting in permanent tubes.  The doctor is very pleased we are seeing positive results."
- Anonymous | Crystal Lake IL

"Cured an eight year problem with ear tubes, infections and pain. Easy to use!"
- Janet G. | Elk River, MN

"Within three weeks of use my daughters hearing improved remarkably."
- J Kevin B. | Moore, OK

"Helped unclog my Eustachian Tubes better than any other method and without meds!!"

- Claudia B. | Delano, MN

"Using the “EarPopper” is better than having tubes put in – I have recommended it to others." 
- Judy S. | Pasedena, MD

"Great Product!  Wish we had known about this sooner." 
- Kelly W. | Southlake, TX

"I am happy with my EarPopper!  I can hear 100% better!"
- Rose P. | Freehold, NJ

"I was very pleased when I called (the company) to inquire about the purchase.  Personnel on the phone could not be any more cooperative & courteous.  A follow up call was even made. Great service! Terrific product!"
- Anonymous | New York

"Great to keep ears clear for flying or scuba diving.  We bought ours for scuba primarily."

- Anonymous | Port Charlotte, FL

"Worked out very well for traveling on an airplane – helped to relieve ear pain."
- Beth R. | Southlake, TX

"My doctor tried everything to rid my ear of fluid, including a small hole in the eardrum to drain fluid.  Nothing worked until I tried the EarPopper. And no drugs!"
- Tish D. | Snow Hill, MD

"Our doctor is very happy with the results with Carter just after two weeks!!"
- Carter S. | Andover, MN

"It did just what the doctor said it would – no pain."
- Anonymous | East Rutherford, NJ

"It Works!
- Kevin G. | Pasadena, MD 

"No ear infection since I used it – four months."
- Stacy B. | Louisville, KY

"Totally relieved the pressure from right ear." 
- Darrell C. | Atlanta, GA

"After six weeks of not being able to hear out of one ear due to fluid, my doctor said there was nothing he could do and my ENT told me only surgery would cure me.  I found out about the EarPopper from the NIH and was referred to a doctor in ten seconds.  I can hear!"
- Richard W. | Circle Pines, MN

"I love it!  I have only been using the EarPopper for five or six weeks.  It is definitely helping my Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and relieves ear pressure.  Note:  Please ask me again for comments in another month or two.  The EarPopper will be very important for me to have on flights."
- Debra H.

"Great product – easy to use.  Our 4 ½ year old was scared of it at first but now uses it like a pro."
- Anonymous | Buffalo Grove, IL

"It opened my left Eustachian Tube immediately permitting my ear to drain."
- Stephen H. | Fernandina Beach, FL

"After 60 years . . . Much to my shock and pleasant surprise I was recently advised by my wonderful young Family Physican...he demonstrated the 'EarPopper' for me and it gave me immediate relief."
- William G. Button | Mesquite, Texas

“Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the EarPopper.  I used it on Liam (my son) the day it arrived and the results were instantaneous. At first I thought I had hurt him because of the strange look on his face but he was just shocked because he could hear normally again! ”
- Anastasia Bird (and Liam too) | US

"The 'EarPopper' has changed my life. In the past, I have had severe pain in my ears during the descent on planes.  I also have had a slight equilibrium problem along with hearing problems after landing. In the past month, I have taken two plane trips...because of my new earpopper My ears popped instantly and the pressure was gone."

- Sharon Endthoff

"To say that this device has changed my life is not an understatement. Eight years. That is the time that I spent dealing with a hearing loss difficulty and had to seriously consider abandoning my profession (lawyer). (Then) I learned about the EarPopper...Approximately three days later UPS delivered my EarPopper. I took it home, read the instructions, and tried it. The first night nothing happened. My initial reaction was, well, I have thirty days and will use all of that time to give it a try. I had nothing to lose. The next morning...I followed the instructions, took a sip of coffee, swallowed as instructed and consequently heard a noise in my right ear (the most afflicted ear). I felt no pain and then somewhat reassured tried it in the other nostril and heard a similar noise in my left ear. I had no idea that anything had happened because I was sitting in a quiet kitchen. I tried a little test to see if my hearing was functioning. I tapped my thumb and index finger together next to my right ear to discover if I could hear that sound. I hadn’t heard that sound in my right ear for 8 years, now I heard it! I tried it in my left ear and heard the sound twice as loud as I had the morning before. I walked quickly into the bathroom and asked my wife to talk to me. She did and I could hear her! I said, “Wow I can hear”. I still wasn’t sure if it was my imagination and turned on the television. I had to lower the sound. That day I took a chance. I put my hearing aids in their case and went to work without anything. The rest is history. My hearing aids are in storage, I fear nothing concerning hearing. I have appeared in court and have been able to function easily and without fear of missing words. My hat is off to the inventors.. This device is painless, easy to use, and is a miracle. It should be in every audiologist, general practitioners and ENT’s office!"
- Thomas A DeClemente

"The EarPopper eliminated the fluid behind my son's ears and kept him from having a second set of tubes put in to his ears.  This is a wonderful product.  Thank you so much!  I only wish we had known about it sooner. "
- Diana P.

"It is definitely helping to clear his ears and improve hearing. "
- L. S.

"For the first time in years, I flew without pain!  Great new device! "
- Sherri M.

"I have had a problem with my ears since I was a kid and this has corrected the problem."
- Gary D.

"EarPopper was a very big help in restoring my hearing.  No more (vent) tubes!"
- Celia S.

"My son has such a joyous reaction when his ears pop. "
- Tracey L.

"I had Otitis Media (fluid in the middle ear).  EarPopper worked the 1st time I used it!  Thank God for EarPopper!"
- Claire Jo H.

"The instructional DVD was very helpful.  My 6 year-old daughter is able to use the EarPopper on her own now."
- Gail E.

"EarPopper works great.  My son says he can hear again!"
- Extremely satisfied customer

"This was a lifesaver for our 8-year old daughter because she was afraid of getting tubes. It was easy to use and worked quickly (within 2 months)." 
- Anonymous

"My son is Eli and he is 6. Knock on wood, we are almost out of the winter cold months and not a single ear infection since we started using the EarPopper! I love it!"
- Susan V.

"Thank you for allowing me to travel in airplanes without discomfort again. For years I have had difficulty flying because of pressure build-up in my ears. I read about the EarPopper in the Wall Street Journal, determined to try one, and for the past several months have, in fact, been using it every time I travel by air. It works wonders. In fact, I have just ordered a second EarPopper to have as a spare."
- A happy EarPopper user from Cambridge, Massachusetts

"I want to express my sincere gratitude for this product. I have eustachian tube dysfunction and flying has always been an absolute nightmare. I used the best EarPopper for the first time a few days ago and it worked wonders. I have avoided flying as much as possible because of the intense pain and ruptured eardrums I have endured. I am no longer fearful of flying which is an amazing feeling. I can't recommend this product enough!" 

- Liz

Each EarPopper includes a printed instruction leaflet (IFU), individuals should read in full before using or commencing treatment. Click Here to view a PDF version.
Do not use the EarPopper in the presence of ear infection, upper respiratory infection, nasal congestion, cold symptoms or a perforated eardrum. The device is not intended for multiple users.

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