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EarPopper in the News

Proof of concept study using a modified Politzer inflation device as a rescue modality for treating Eustachian tube dysfunction during hyperbaric oxygen treatment in a multiplace (Class A) chamber
Owen J. O’Neill, MD 1; Elizabeth Smykowski, RN 1; Jo Ann Marker, CHT 1; Lubiha Perez, CHT 1; Sandrah Gurash, CHT 1; John Sullivan, CHT 1
Does the EarPopper device improve hearing outcomes in children with persistent otitis media with effusion? A randomised singleblinded controlled trial
Banigo, A., Hunt, A., Rourke, T., Whiteside, O. & Aldren, C.
Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospital, Slough, SL2 4HL, UK |
Accepted for publication 3 June 2015 Clinical Otolaryngol. 2016, 41, 59–65


How a Puff of Air Helped My Little Boy Avoid Endelss Ear Ops : Instant Results for Chronic Glue Ear | July 27, 2015

Inflating balloon through nose can correct otitis media
in children | HEALTH & WELLNESS | July 27, 2015
coinciding study published in:

Canadian Medical Association Journal 

The EarPopper Significantly Improves Quality of Life in Sufferers of ETD
Article by Dr. Toby Bateson | ZenPlugs | February 2014

Once You Pop You Can't Stop
Unfinished Man, Men's Lifestyle Website | December 2013

Flying with Kids
WebMD, Familiy Webicine | August 25, 2010

Help for Travelers with Ear Problems

Traveling with MJ website | November 23, 2010

Popping device is 'cure' for glue ear
Daily Mail

Ear-Clearing Device May Replace Surgery and Drugs in Draining Middle-Ear Fluid
National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders

EarPopper Restores Hearing, Resolves Middle Ear Fluid

Audiology Today | Jan/Feb 2006

New Device Helps Kids Clear Fluid from Ears

National Public Radio
Please note: The price mentioned in this story is incorrect. The correct price is $199.99.

Blow It Out Your Ear, Kid
The Washington Post

The EarPopper, for Popping Ears

New Medical Device Co-Invented by Brooklyn College Audiologist May Change the Way Childhood Ear Infections Are Treated
Brooklyn College News

Keeping a Clear Head in the Air

The New Zealand Herald

Each EarPopper includes a printed instruction leaflet (IFU), individuals should read in full before using or commencing treatment. Click Here to view a PDF version.
Do not use the EarPopper in the presence of ear infection, upper respiratory infection, nasal congestion, cold symptoms or a perforated eardrum. The device is not intended for multiple users.

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