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Personal Stories

Dianne's Story

I purchased the EarPopper 4 days ago – after not hearing properly for many years. I noticed after the 1ST TREATMENT - THAT MAY OWN SPEAKING VOICE WAS WAY TOO LOUD.  After only 3 days of 2 treatments a day, my hearing has returned to a level I have not enjoyed for nearly 15 years!  I would say it is overall back to 80-90% of normal hearing. 

To say I am impressed is putting it mildly - this small machine is worth its weight in gold. I am a professional who decided to take a 1 year sabbatical from my profession due to my hearing problems.  I am now planning to return to work in the near future.

I had been diagnosed in 1999 as having a 45% hearing loss in my right ear and 30% loss in the left and that the only remedies would be a) surgery, b) steroid drug medication or c) $ 2,000 hearing aids.  It was not until a general practitioner advised me that my ears worked fine and it was primarily my Eustachian tube failure along with some degree of sinus and allergy problems plus considerable fluid build-up in the middle ears that I started searching for a logical solution. 

I have known so many people with hearing problems arising from the same causes as my own who are wearing hearing aids and have constant problems - which makes sense because many of them have fluid build-up and pressure as I did and a hearing aid gives the effect of louder muffled hearing along with having the pressure of the earpiece pressing against an ear canal which is already feeling the internal pressure of the fluid.

Thank you to everyone involved with producing the Earpopper!

Yours sincerely,

Dianne V. - Canada



William's Story 

I shall reach my 88th birthday shortly and in about 1949-50, I began to take business flights on commerical arilines which flew at approximately 35,000 to 40,000 feet. It was then that I discovered that I had Eustachian Tubes that were not built for air pressure changes resulting from the plane's descent for landing or a change in altitude downward for some other reason.  As I recall, in 1949, my family physician referred me to an outstanding ENT specialist,  Dr. Tom Barr in Dallas. I am a little "hazy" in the procedure Dr. Barr followed but it seems I can recall that he inserted some tubes in my nose and with my mouth closed forced air into both nostrils which opened the Eustachian tubes. Dr. Barr at that time was nearing the end of his career and soon thereafter retired from his practice

Through the years since that time I have been bothered by airplane flights and a nasal allergy causing sinusitis which at times causes Eustachian problems. For some reason I have through all these years been unable to find and ENT or any other physician who can or will apply the same procedure which Dr. Barr followed in 1949 and I have been forced to follow a treatment by medication which is agonizingly slow.  I have had almost 60 years to ponder this matter but I have not yet come up with an answer. I am just told that what Dr. Barr did in 1949 is no longer done and that Neanderthal man that I am, I have to realize things have changed.

Much to my shock and pleasant surprise I was recently advised by my wonderful young Family Physican that he thought he had found the modern version of Dr. Barr's procedure--the "EarPopper". He is a young physician, Dr. John R. Morgan, of Dallas, who did not quit studying when he graduated from medical school as many do. He demonstrated the EarPopper for me and it gave me immediate relief. For a moment I thought the calandar had been turned back to my young days in 1949. Dr. Morgan then prescribed for me a Model EP-2000 and as they say, the rest is history.  I got immediate relief and will continue to use it as prescribed until I am "out of the woods"with this episode. I heartily recommend the EarPopper to my fellow-sufferers of all ages and give thanks to God for all who have been instrumental in making it possible. I still can't believe it.

A member of your organization, Sharon (extension 241) has been extremely helpful to me in getting my prescription shipped. She is a great credit to your organization. (Please excuse my typing. At 88 I find the typewriters of today are not as efficient as earlier - I mean the machines, not me!)

William G. Button

Mesquite, Texas

Sharon's Story

I want to thank you for marketing your “earpopper”.  It has changed my life.  In the past, I have had severe pain in my ears during the descent on planes.  I also have had a slight equilibrium problem along with hearing problems after landing.

In the past month, I have taken two plane trips with four successful descents because of my new earpopper.  It was such a great sound and relief when I first used it.  My ears popped instantly and the pressure was gone.  I even got off of the plane able to hear and not have any dizziness.

I was just starting to enjoy life and travel more when my ear/plane problem began.  I had tried many unsuccessful methods per my doctor’s advice.  When he introduced the earpopper to me he informed me, if this method did not work, then I should no longer fly.

Therefore, I am ecstatic that it does work!

I also want to thank you and commend you for your pleasant and professional staff.  Everyone was helpful, courteous and knowledgeable about their product.  I also received a call from a representative about a month after I had received my earpopper just asking if I had any questions.  And I appreciated that.

The “earpopper” has changed my life.  I was afraid that I was going to be “grounded” for life.  Instead, I have been set free!


Sharon Endthoff


Anastasia's Story

Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the EarPopper.  I used it on Liam the day it arrived and the results were instantaneous.  At first I thought I had hurt him because of the strange look on his face but he was just shocked because he could hear normally again!  Everything seemed loud to him, our voices, the TV, regular household noises.  He had gone for a couple of months with severely muffled hearing due to stubborn fluid in the ear and we could only talk to him if we were directly in front of him, making eye contact and using raised voices.  Not to mention repeating ourselves dozens of times a day.

Well, the difference is nothing short of amazing.  After the first treatment I walked behind him and said his name in a normal tone and he responded immediately.  He was so happy and of course we were overjoyed ourselves and greatly relieved.  He is a different kid now and delighted that he doesn’t have to be right near the teacher anymore to hear what is going on in class, he was so excited to go to school the next day and sit in the back row for once.

I still can’t relate to you how glad I am that I stumbled across this on the net.  There needs to be some serious public exposure to this device.  It is so simple and effective, no side effects and non-invasive.  I will be telling my chiropractor and GP about it for certain.  Thanks a million for your great service and you are more than welcome to use this as a testimonial.

Best regards,

Anastasia Bird (and Liam too)



Thomas's Story

Eight years. That is the time that I spent dealing with a hearing loss difficulty and had to seriously consider abandoning my profession (lawyer). Also I had to constantly worry about acoustics when I met with friends and family. My hearing loss was profound. I spent over $16,000.00 in hearing aids which helped a bit, but was never a solution. My main problem: I had fluid in both my ears that would not drain. I was under the constant care of an ENT who tried varying procedures to drain the fluid including the placement of a tube, its removal, the sealing of the hole made by the tube, then several hypodermic syringes inserted into my eardrum to withdraw fluid. I had many infections that came about as a result of the hole. In despair, I considered going on disability and was always conscious that my constant refrain “What did you say?” was annoying to everyone.

Two months ago I learned about the EarPopper. The audiologist at my ENT provider knew of Dr. Shlomo Silman, co inventor of the EarPopper and had heard of a device that he had a part in developing along with Dr. Daniel Arick. Having tired everything from surgery to hearing aids, I went on the internet to find out what I could. I downloaded the EarPopper Prescription form from the website, filled out the necessary information with my ENT physician and faxed it to Micromedics to obtain the device. I was told I had thirty day to try it out. Approximately three days later UPS delivered my EarPopper. I took it home, read the instructions, and tried it. The first night nothing happened. My initial reaction was, well, I have thirty days and will use all of that time to give it a try. I had nothing to lose.

The next morning I was sitting down with a cup of coffee. I had the device. I followed the instructions, took a sip of coffee, swallowed as instructed and consequently heard a noise in my right ear (the most afflicted ear). I felt no pain and then somewhat reassured tried it in the other nostril and heard a similar noise in my left ear. I had no idea that anything had happened because I was sitting in a quiet kitchen. I tried a little test to see if my hearing was functioning. I tapped my thumb and index finger together next to my right ear to discover if I could hear that sound. I hadn’t heard that sound in my right ear for 8 years, now I heard it! I tried it in my left ear and heard the sound twice as loud as I had the morning before. I walked quickly into the bathroom and asked my wife to talk to me. She did and I could hear her! I said, “Wow I can hear”. I still wasn’t sure if it was my imagination and turned on the television. I had to lower the sound.

That day I took a chance. I put my hearing aids in their case and went to work without anything. The rest is history. My hearing aids are in storage, I fear nothing concerning hearing. I have appeared in court and have been able to function easily and without fear of missing words.

To say that this device has changed my life is not an understatement. Eight years. One relatively inexpensive device.

My hat is off to the inventors and Micromedics. This device is painless, easy to use, and is a miracle. It should be in every audiologist, general practitioner’s and ENT’s office!

Very Truly Yours,

c A. DeClemente 

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