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Did you know: 
The EarPopper demonstrated the safety and efficacy of relieving ear pressure problems in both Children and Adults. 
Found on ENT Journal and the Journal of Audiology

Get Fast Relief from Eustachian Tube Dysfunction without Medication or Surgery.

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About how the EarPopper can help solve Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and other ear pressure related problems.

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Why choose EarPopper?

Safe and Gentle

EarPopper delivers a safe, gentle stream of air that helps to open the Eustachian tube providing relief from negative ear pressure. Often relief is felt after just ONE use!

Quick and Easy

EarPopper is quick, painless and easy to use. You have access to relief literally anywhere.

Avoid Costly Surgery

The EarPopper can help users potentially avoid ear tube surgery or the need for antibiotics.


February 20, 2015

“If you have ETD or fluid in the ears or just have allergies or other situations where your ears tend to clog, get muffled or feel pressure, this device is truly miraculous.”


May 23, 2014

“After years of doctors, surgery, medicine and shots to treat Eustachian tube dysfunction, this simple machine made a world of difference for me... When I added the EarPopper treatment it cleared my ears within a couple of days and has kept them feeling so much better. I'm on my third week of treatment now. My plan is to complete the five week treatment and then use as needed. I strongly recommend trying this product. I know it's hard to believe that such a simple product could make such big difference but it has so far for me.”

*The EarPopper is a prescription only device.
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